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unlimited 27 @ Kulturverein Waschaecht Wels Austria The Most Beautiful Noise In The World curated by Okkyung Lee

unlimited 27 @ Kulturverein Waschaecht Wels Austria The Most Beautiful Noise In The World  curated by Okkyung Lee


my new solo record “ghil” will be out later in june…

my new solo record “ghil” will be out later in june…

57 answers – new composition now available for download on audition records…!

about a year ago, julian bonequi, the mastermind behind net only label audition records approached me to do a release with him… i wanted to present something that was different and exciting for me and decided to record a overdub solo piece… i started experimenting with this format when i did a piece for compilation album called rusk a few years back and thought that would be fun to develop something even more intricate… julian was more than extremely patient and kind during the process and the post production period… and now it’s out for your pleasure, well, for €6 only…!

then there’s a review in spanish here…

new york…

back in new york only for briefly… was bummed to see it all cold and gray yesterday but today was a big improvement… and going through the immigration took more than an hour… seriously that might have been the longest i’ve ever had to wait… now i’m staying at my friend’s place in clinton hill and already discovered 2 nice spots… one is called urban vintage on grand avenue which has a very good coffee and friendly woman behind the counter… she had a very distinctive laughter… and they didn’t play any music which was exactly what i wanted…! then just around the corner there’s this place called choice market on lafayette had nice looking food… think will go there for tomorrow breakfast/lunch… i ended up going to hampton chutney today for lunch after going to the apple store in soho and it was still good… so glad their food didn’t go downhill… so many places to check out in such a short time…!


not feeling super great… maybe it’s really because of mercury retrograde happening right now… ha… but also don’t want to beat myself up for it… i mean i don’t have to feel happy and content all the time, right…? i’m only human… let’s see how i feel after the 23rd when this retrograde thing is supposed to be over… meanwhile all i can do is to go on…

noisy love songs (for george dyer)

finally it’s official…! my second album on tzadik will be released this march…! the follwing are the track listings and musicians involved…










1. one hundred years old rain (the same river twice)
2. upon a fallen tree
3. kung
4. saeya saeya
5. white night
6. danji
7. roundabout
8. bodies
9. silenced answer
10. steely morning (bonus track)
11. yellow river

cornelius dufallo – violin
peter evans – trumpet
okkyung lee – cello
craig taborn – piano
satoshi takeishi – percussion + electronics
christopher tordini – bass

ikue mori – electronics (on steely morning)
john hollenbeck – percussion (on steely morning)

modern life…

before i moved to new york 10 years ago, i’d never imagined myself writing blogs, updating my website, finding friends on facebook, uploading music to myspace, checking my emails every 10 minutes, sending text messages to friends all over the world, talking to my family via skype and twitting little silly things to say and chatting online for hours… in a way it’s really taking my life over… yes, i can turn it all off and live my life but as we all know this shallow (not all the time obviously) satisfaction of being “connected” to the outside can be so comforting and assuring… but then also it can be turned into some kind of vague fear that you might be missing out on something… but even when you are not constantly sending out the signal that you exist, the world is not going to disappear on you… it’ll still be there when you “reconnect” through all these various and mysterious technological outputs… yes, i know… but still…

ah, modern life…


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