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ah yah…

July 31, 2005

if you know me a little bit, or at least have seen me, most of time i have quite serious look… some people even think i’m scary… oh, well… but once you become my friend, it’s not all that bad… yes, i still can be scary and fiery… but also can be sweet…(some of you might be rolling your eyes right now… heh heh heh…)
once in a while, actully too often, i’ll be walking by myself and hear a some stranger guy walking by me and says “hey, smile…” and that really really pisses me off…
it’s not my goddamn job to smile walking down the street…
and i bet million dollars that those guys don’t say that shit to a guy on the street…
it’s year 2005 and i live in new york, one of the biggest and the coolest cities in the world… yet still have to deal with this sexist bullshit along with all other many many females on daily basis…
ah yah…

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  1. I know this is a long shot, but by any chance did you have an American pen pal when you were younger? I’ve been looking for the pen pal I had as a kid, and I’m contacting anyone I can find with the same name.Thanks!

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