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howl’s moving castle…

August 10, 2005

last night, went to see “howl’s moving castle”, another great animation film by hayao miyazaki… it was a japanese version with subtitles although was a bit curious about english dub version since it featured christian bale and lauren bacall…
first of all, it looked so beautiful… all the details and characters he created (of course with help of many many other people) were just so fascinating… from the main characters like sophie, howl, calcifer to all that little ornaments in howl’s room… very sweet, dark, twisted blend of european exterior from early 20th century around WW I and grimm brothers’ dark tale and of course japanese imagination… and so many bizarre, surreal details and twists and development in the story line… which makes it a bit hard to follow… i was pretty much lost for the last 30 minutes of the film but then it didn’t really matter… from the scene when howl and sophie meet for the first time, i was hooked… it’s crazy but howl was so beautiful looking in that scene, i felt like i was back in my teenage period when i used to have crushes on cartoon characters… yes, he’s not even a human being… then throughout i was really moved by the love story between sophie and howl and found myself with teary eyes at the end… and this movie definitely have anti-war theme through out… how useless to have war between anybody… how it destroys and confuses people… nothing is getting solved by throwing a war other than giving some kind of crazy satisfaction to few idiots who actually start the goddamn war…
the music in general is very beautiful, orchestral score… Inspired me to write something “beautiful”…
it was a beautiful experience…

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  1. Howl’s tantrum was a singularly entertaining event. He also reminded me of a time when I had crushes on cartoon characters – until I remembered I never did. Suppose I do now. You have to love that trademark Miyazaki soundtrack, with the dreamy motif in the strings when Howl’s castle first comes into view. Lifted straight from Spirited Away.I read a fascinating article about you in Wire. I can’t wait to get hold of Nimh, and the others too. Hope they’re here in Australia somewhere.

  2. yes, the soundtrack is just so hauntingly beautiful… it’s so amazing how all of miyazaki’s film have the perfect music…hope you’ll be able to find a copy of the cd in australia… it’s crazier than miyazaki soundtrack for sure… you might like it…have a grand day…

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