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east village food report…

August 12, 2005

this past week i went to a couple of new spots in east village…
one’s called “eemo (korean word for aunt” on 1st avenue between 6 & 7th street… it’s a korean restaurant obviously… at first i was a bit disappointed at the fact there were more japanese dishes than korean… when i asked for korean stuff, the waitress said they changed the menu that day… they had been open for about a week but maybe changed the menu since there weren’t that many customers…? but then there are millions of other real japanese restaurants all over east village…!!! anyway… we ordered tok-bok-yi which was pretty good… was missing some main ingredients in my opinion… like glass noodle and cabbage… but it was still not bad… then my friend ordered kim-chee stew which turned out to be very good and authentic tasting… then, i know, i’m ashamed but there were only 2 other korean dishes on the menu which i didn’t feel for… so i ordered eemo roll which had no description… it had salmon, tuna and egg inside the roll then was deep fried…! but it was actually pretty yummy… enough for me to want to go back…after the meal, we suggested our waitress that there should me more korean dishes… i hope that place survives… be true to who you are and what you are… and be comfortable in your own skin… that’s how you can distinguish yourself from the others… that’s what i think…
then i went to “pukk”, a sleek looking vegetarian thai restaurant on 1st avenue between 4 & 5th street… had thai curry pancake which was chewy and crispy and came with a really yummy curry dipping sauce with fried tofu… then had green corn noodle which was nice but not impressive… then ginger chicken (all the meat are mock ones here of course) which was very tasty… nice ginger and soy sauce flavored thin mock chicken… didn’t miss the meat at all… then had lychee rice pudding brulŽe which was really yummy… literally was rice pudding with many pieces of lychee and topped with sugar that was burned… like creme brulŽe… yum…! and the price was right too…
also went to “minca”, that japanese noodle place on 5th street between avenue a & b to have their summer special… cold ramen with chilled miso broth… it was very nice… perfect for summer… with all the goodies you’d get with regular ramen… yum… also try their delicious daikon salad with black sesame sauce… crunch, tasty and good for you… i think…
food… yum… hungry again…

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