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August 23, 2005

ok… if you are interested in watching this movie, i suggest you to watch “in the mood for love” before… my personal impression of this movies is that this movie can be appreciated a lot better as a sequel to “in the mood for love”…
the first 20 minutes or so, i was very confused because i thought i knew about the plot a little bit… but i wasn’t aware of this story within the story structure… anyway… after that i started to get into the story development between tony leung and zi-yi zhang… their intense lustful affair was very convincing and appealing… and was so surprised by zi-yi zhang’s acting more than ever… she is no more that only one dimensional girl from “crouching tiger, hidden dragon”… she had passion, sorrow, intensity, desire… all different layers of the emotion of the character… so after their part of the story ended, i found myself wanting to know more about their relationship than what came after… the story about the older daughter of the landlord and tony leung… which lasted about half an hour… but then it plays an important role explaining what was going on at the very beginning of the movie… so after that, when the movie finally reveals how tony leung ended up in hong kong at the beginning of the movie, it became so obvious that this movie is a true sequel… with that understanding it made more sense and the movie became very touching and beautiful… and all the dialogues i didn’t get at the beginning all made sense… this movie is about the memory… not even about love, but the memory of love… what it felt like, how it changed you and how you cannot run away from it… reminded me of “vertigo” in a sense…
wang kar-wai truly understands broken hearts…


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  1. I was excited about it at first — JUST AT FIRST! Then I found out it wasn’t as good as In The Mood For Love… I think it’s WKW’s time to move on from his “good old 60’s” style. Just look at “The Hand” segment in Eros, still the same…

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