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vitamin water…

August 25, 2005

so after seeing so many people holding all that colorful bottle saying vitamin water, i was convinced to buy one… it was really hard to choose one though… they are so pretty looking and supposed to have all that yummy fruit taste with all that good stuff… and so many different colors…! and all that names promising to be soooo good for you… what the hell, i rarely remembers to take my vitamins, anyway…
after 2 minutes or so of hard time deciding between balance cran-grapefruit and power c-dragon fruit, i went to the first one just because it didn’t sounds as intimidating as dragon fruit, whatever that was…
the first reaction was… it was just too damn sweet…!!! when i looked at the label, it had 12g of sugar per serving which meant i was drinking at least 24g sugar right there… do i need extra 24g sugar in order to take all other good stuff…?
i don’t get it…
then later on when i saw more and more people on the street holding that jewel toned vitamin water, i realized we are all suckers here… looking for a fast and easy way to get the nutrition we are missing… to feel little healthier and better about ourselves… just drinking that stuff without looking at the label… and in order to have more of us drink that damn thing, they put so much sugar into it… with all that sleek fancy packaging… and ads everywhere… and probably many parents out there are buying the vitamin water for their kids thinking it’ll balance all that bad diet… to make themselves feel better…
fast food, fast vitamin… hey, why not…


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  1. I like you bought one of those waters after seeing so many people drinking them and people I work with talk about how good they are. I don’t remember why but I chose the orange one. I don’t even remember what it was supposed to be or do for me. After the first drink I realized it was just sugar water. Let us both say we were duped once but not duped again.btw just got nihm and it’s wonderful, thanks.

  2. that’s right…!!! we are not going to be a victim of advertising anymore…!!! glad you liked the cd…have a marvelous day…

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