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September 19, 2005

cannot believe it’s been almost a month since i posted the lat blog… time sure goes so fast… i’ve been down a bit influenced by what happened to new orleans and all… kinda lost motivation in what i do… thinking how unfair it is now in the world we live in…
yes, whenever there’s this kind of tragedy that affects many people, we get to see how strong we are and how sympathetic we are… there are always people who help each other despite their own problems… then how come it doesn’t translate into a bigger scale…? how come the government is so slow in terms of exercising this human spirit while there are so many individuals actually living it…? i’m not an anarchist by any means but it always seems like the government and people who are in power end up failing the people, slowing down spreading this beautiful spirit… why…? are they one of us…?


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  1. well, i don’t know if it’s any consolation but recently i’d been feeling a little down (directionlessness, questions etc) but i went to tower records and bought some new music (including your cd nimh) and somehow my mood danced over a little to the other side. things weren’t so bad. bad feelings dissolved a little and i slowly fell asleep with a smile on my face… i can’t really comment on american politics (i’m from the uk and live in japan) but i do think that the positive energy/beautiful spirit you mentioned is important. we can’t rely on everyone to spread it around but we can try and put our own positive energy out there. i heard some of that in your music. so thankyou… that is all. have a beautiful day…

  2. wow… thank you… you just answered one of my biggest answers… “why is it important for us to create…? especially when things are not going to the right direction and making music seems to be such a self indulging activity… while there are so many people suffering…”guess that short moments you feel good inside when you are listening to music you like or looking at the paintings or eating delicious meal or simply admiring beautiful blue sky, it reminds you things are not only terrible… as you wrote… and things can get better…thanks… for reminding me that positive moments can be spread through many things… including my humble music… and reach many others across the ocean… like you… have a good day/night…

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