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hong kong station in chinatown…

January 17, 2006

happy new year……….?
i know, it’s already 17th… well… doesn’t fee like new year or what-so-ever…
hmm… everything is blur… what did i do… for last couple of weeks… months… year…!!!
i started this year by losing my only phone… which i found a week later… in my laundry bag… ah, yah…
for those who love chinese (hong kong, to be exact) noodle soup and wouldn’t mind fatty, weird meat parts… there’s a great make-your-own-noodle place… on hester between chrystie and bowery… called hong kong station… there are 9(!) different kinds of noodle you can choose from for $1, then you choose what to put in your big bowl of soup… among 28 (!!!) choices of toppings are fish balls, curry squid, chicken wings, pig’s skin, pig’s blood, vegetable, mushroom, fish cake, beef stew, beef stomach… and even spam…! each topping costs $1… so it can be pretty damn cheap… the broth was soooooo tasty and all the sauce they put in to season was fantastic… also their special drink is cold lemon and honey drink and it was just perfect between each sip to cool down your mouth… yum… i’m going back!!!

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  1. Hey,If this is really you, I wanted to just say thanks for such a great album. Nihm turned out to be a late find in 2005, as I only came to it after Tiny Mix Tapes put it in its Eureka! section. Anyhow, I have been playing it alot and trying to pass on the good word. Keep up the good work.Paul

  2. hi, paul…thanks, thanks, thanks…stay warm…okkyung

  3. yeah, that noodle shop is great. i’m from hongkong, studying at Columbia U, enjoy my chinatown weekly outing. have you tried “bor gey” noodle shop? it’s at the corner of mott and bayard… it has the best fish dumplings! ie. the skin is made by fish meat, and the stuffing is made with fish and pork.Aenonall the best, will see you at the Stone end of this month, going to see George play.

  4. hola…i went to find that noodle shop but couldn’t find it… it sounds sooooo good… i’ll try again soon…maybe i’ll get to meet you at the end of march…?

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