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another hallo, hallo, hallo…

March 12, 2006

i’ve been checking out this new bakery on clinton and rivington called falai… they sure have excellent croissants… almond and chocolate ones are fabulous… also have delicious tart things… i was just there this afternoon and the food looked pretty good too…
also some time ago i went to this japanese restaurant called ushi wakamaru on houston, i think between sullivan and thomson, which their sushi was really reasonable and fresh… and great vibe… very authentic it seemed… my friend had sushi deluxe which was really fresh and great quality… then i ordered three different rolls and they were delicious… each of our food cost about 20 bucks which is really reasonable…
however i had a great pleasure of having my birthday dinner at sushi of gari, on east 78th street just off of 1st avenue, which blew my mind away… was over the scale amazing… they have all these crazy sushi they created… one with roasted tomato and cream cheese, one with porcini mushroom, one with chopped tuna that was like air and so on… was just unbelievable… and yes, it’s pretty pricey but i’d say you should do it… wow…
then, yeah, i’ve been eating out a lot, not that i can really afford, i had this amazing thing at momofuku, on 1st avenue and east 10th street, which was a great version of my favorite korean snack, spicy rice cake thing… they grilled the rice cakes first so they are crunch outside then smoldered in this yummy spicy sweet sauce… i was soooo happy… the chef is korean-american and sure mixes his korean heritage with american food in a brilliant way… he uses lots of kimchee and vegetables in a way that anyone can enjoy… oh, my god, i gotta meet the guy… heh heh heh…

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  1. Wow! Okkyung! Still the same post! Hope you could update your blog soon! And please do visit my blog some time.

  2. Have you tried Hip Hop Chow’s? Cuz if you didn’t, you should:

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