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April 11, 2006

went to see “three burials of melquiades estrada”… was pretty good… funny and touching in odd ways… didn’t change my life but thought the story and acting were pretty great… it is written by guillermo arriaga who wrote “21 grams” among others which i liked a lot… as his trade mark, he doesn’t tell the story in a linear fashion but yet somehow makes it not too hard to follow… very natural in a way… also barry pepper who played a border control patrol who’s at the receiving end of tommy lee jones’ hospitality was really impressive… it was a very nice ensemble of casts and very well rounded movie… and funny… hmm… worth checking out definitely…
it’s funny because when i was a kid in korea, they showed many westerns on TV but i never realized how much it influenced me in certain way until recently… think it’s only a year or so that i rediscovered how amazing westerns are… think it’s one of the best ways to portrait human relationships and nature… and many times the theme is about loyalty, friendship and justice… and sense of decency… well, it also is very close to become another “americana” theme but some of the real great westerns truly shows how human respond to each other and the nature… anyway… that’s what i think… it’s great to see that they are bringing back westerns these days…
haven’t decided if i should go and see “v for vendetta” yet…

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  1. Haven’t seen V for Vendetta too, had a peep of it in a theater the other day after watching the crappy Basic Instinct 2, felt like it’s something worth checking out.I wish I went to see “Three Burials” in Sunshine… damn… I went to see Noch Noi Dozor (Night Watch), which was pretty stylish but maybe not as meaningful as “Three Burials”…

  2. Besides, I wanna see Tommy Lee Jones’ direction!

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