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i am a sex addict and IFC theater…

April 17, 2006

when i saw the poster for this movie, “i am a sex addict”, i thought it was some kind of european movie about, of course, sex with intellectual undertone… which is not the kind of movie since sometimes i think it can be snobby…
then i ran across to the trailer while i was trying to watch “superman returns” just to see what kevin spacey looks like in it… you all know my fixation on him… yes, he’s bold and trying to replace gene hackman which is a bad bad idea… what’s he doing with his career… anyway back to the point, i couldn’t stop laughing while i was watching the trailer… and decided to go to see it tonight… and it was funny, sweet, sincere and touching… it’s not going to change your life but a great example of the movies that’s so personal yet not self indulging all the time that makes you kind of fall in love with it while you are watching… also the fact that it was done with low budget makes it even more charming… although the music could have been better… just saying because the music was carried out mainly by cello…
to tell you a bit about the plot, it’s a quasi nonfictional story about the director’s sex addiction, especially with prostitutes… and what it caused him regarding his love life… and believe it or not, the opening scene is shot right before his third marriage… if you get a chance, check out the trailer…
also it was the very first time i’ve been to IFC theater and i was very satisfied with the layout of it… it’s not too big but has great comfy seats… although i’d suggest that you are better off sitting on one of the raised seats since the screen is positioned a bit high… at least that’s how it was in the theater #2 where i was… also they have ice cream from il laboratorio del gelato which is a nice touch although they have more generic flavors… i think i’ll go back to see “drawing restraint 9” there very soon… seems pretty intriguing although i’m trying not to have too much expectation… i kinda found matthew barney’s images beautiful yet cold… but some of the reviews i’ve seen said that this one is a bit more emotional maybe thanks to his relationship with bjork personally and professionally…
oh, right before i went to mamoun’s (119 macdougal between w3rd & bleeker) to get a falafel sandwich and have to admit i was very disappointed… granted that it was very busy but my sandwich was too wet with all the tahini sauce they poured and the pita was dry and cold… falafel itself was pretty good but was so hard to eat the damn thing… guess will stick to cheakpea (3rd avenue between st marks & stuyvesant) from now on… they are closed for passover though…
ah… movies… oh, film forum will be having a great 6 weeks program of B noir films… so exciting…!!!
go here to check out the schedule:
alrighty… gotta go to bed…


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  1. Hey Okkyung… wow… a film freak you are! Me too! But I stick to Netflix more cuz there are too many old ones that I’ve never seen (only heard of them).

  2. thanks for the review of i am a sex addict, i saw that trailer too and thought it might be a good one to see but have hesitated…a friend of mine who has never been much of a matthew barney fan saw drawing restraint 9 when it was shown at MoMA a couple of weeks ago and said he was sold on it, said it was well worth the 10 bucks and 2 hours of your life.

  3. thank you for the tip… maybe i’ll go and see it tomorrow… i’ll let you know what i think…hope you will enjoy “i am a sex addict”… and let me know what you think…

  4. I’m a prostitute and had a client the other day admit that he was a sex addict instead of calling it his “hobby.” Click here to read.

  5. wow… will be great if you do see the movie and let me know what you think of the main character…well, i think those clients of yours who say they are sex addict seem to be using that term to ease their own inadequate feeling or even a guilt… but i don’t understand why they can just accept that the fact they do pay for sex and they like doing it… although it must be pretty hard to admit it living in such a repressed society… to me being an addict means being hooked on something without being able to resist and it takes over big chunk of your life… and you cannot really function, or at least you feel like, in a normal way without it… i do understand that there are varying degrees but these guys you wrote about don’t seem to have a real “addiction”… but then who am i to say anything…thank you for the comment… your blog is fascinating…

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