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arctic monkeys… yeah, really…

May 7, 2006

it’s hard to believe that i’m writing this since i rarely talk about music… but have to say after discovering arctic monkeys on MTV(!) in the middle of night while i was in stuttgart, i have been totally hooked on them… like when i was in high school, i’m listening to them over and over, dancing around playing the cd loud, singing along…
first of all, i have to confess that it’s been a while since i paid any attention to pop/rock music of nowadays… unless i hear it in a store or something, i have no idea what the hell is going on… for example, i have no idea what the strokes, radiohead, or coldplay sound like… but then when i saw arctic monkeys’ music video, i was so intrigued by them, i had to google them as soon as i got back from germany… then after checking out a couple more songs on their website, i had to go out and buy their cd… which was probably the first time in 8 years that i bought a rock cd… and i absolutely love it…!
they are fresh, rough edged, full of energy and very straight forward sounding… and songs are very tight in terms of playing and structures… and the lyrics are fun and down to earth with a sense of poetry sung in a very heavy sheffield accent… yet when i googled them i learned that they were praised and hyped by british media as the biggest thing since the beatles… and set a record for the fastest selling debut cd… and they are all under 20 years old who have been playing only for three years… and they became popular among younger people by giving out free cds on their gigs which were freely distributed over the internet… which all made the group sound so fascinating… and obviously the media heavily hyped them to turn them into the new hero of indie rock music from britain…
but all this hype also caused many people to be skeptical about them, especially more people in usa…
however i just wanted to point out that it’s not their fault that they are so hugely hyped… i mean i will never say they are as big and important as the beatles –– it’s too early and pointless to say that kind of thing anyway –– but they are damn good… think if you are interested in this kind of music, you should check them out without any prejudice and decide how you feel purely based on their music… they are four young kids making some great music as best as they can and having fun… and trying hard not to swept off by all the hype they didn’t want…
i really hope they will manage to stay fresh and true to themselves…

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  1. Okkyung, YOU ROCKED!!

  2. okkyung, i can introduce you to some music..i have many cds.

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