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a week in salzburg… almost…

June 20, 2006

was in salzburg to perform vijay/mike and ibrahim’s still life with commentator project as a part of kontracom festival… which turned out great…
we were staying in a hotel just outside center of the city… was 5 minute walking distance to everything… have to say it was rather small place… charming but small… within 30 minutes of walk, you could see pretty much everything… no, i didn’t go to any of mozart places… had only one mozart kugel… which was ok… we had lots of ice though… me, liberty, guillermo and mike… we were hooked on ice… it was everywhere anyway… and cheap…! tried to speak a bit of german since this is my 3rd trip in german speaking country within last 2 months but failed since everybody speaks english… eh… hung out at this cozy cafe/finger food place called carpe diem… had nice dessert and snacks… they serve this cheese snack looks like an ice cream corn… yes, tried wiener schnitzel… was delicious but too big… went to a nice sardinian restaurant where almost everybody went into a food coma except me in the middle of a day… what else… oh, drank cappuccino twice… you know, i don’t drink coffee in general but it’s a bit hard to avoid in europe… they do have better espresso and stuff… went to a modern museum and discovered a couple of great artists… günther uecker and roman opalka… they had some nice yves klein and lucio fontana too… i really dug günther uecker’s stuff with all that nails… i’m such a sucker for the relationship between chaos/order…
the concert took place at this venue called republic and was really nice space… they had to turn around the whole space to accommodate the stage set up that was required… it worked out great and the staff was fabulous… and the performance itself was a great success if i may so… which helped us to party all night before coming back… i think i’ve never drunk that much in my life… basically i drank at least one drink a day… if you know me personally, i have a very very low alcohol tolerance… well, not anymore…! heh heh heh…what elsese… british airway wasn’t too bad… except that they lost my cello on the way back home and i had to wait 8 hours at home…
was a great hang, boys and ladies…


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