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an incident in east village… that pissed me off…

June 20, 2006

well, it’s been a while ago already…
was walking up on avenue B one day and when i reached the 5th street i could see that there was a film/tv shooting going on between 6th and 7th street… thought would take a left turn on the 6th street to avoid all that and kept walking… in the half way between 5th and 6th street, this guy ran up to me and said “hey, miss, could you please cross the street and walk on the other side?”… i replied that i was going to make a turn the next corner and he said “yes, but still could you walk on the other side then make a turn?”… i found it so absurd that i had to cross the street to walk the rest of the short block, i stared at him for a second with annoyance… then he heard something through his earpiece and said “ok, miss, go ahead”… so i was pretty annoyed already that these guys are taking over the sidewalks of east village and i am told which way to go… anyway when i reached the corner of the 6th street about to make turn, another guy ran up to me and said “hey, beautiful, can you walk that way?” pointing at the direction i was intending on going… well, i was pissed… first of all, why did he call me “beautiful” other than “miss” or something more appropriate…? then who the hell is he telling me where to turn…? so i said “you guys don’t own the streets here” which apparently irritated him… then he had a nerve to tell me “i’m going to call security” and motioned calling someone through his microphone tucked in his shirt… i was even more pissed and walked up to him and said “yes, call the officer, i’d like to ask him something”… after all i never signed anything to agree that i cannot walk on the street just to accommodate these people, right…? then realizing his bluff wasn’t working, he said “go away, why are you making my life miserable? you are rude and cursing at me”… i couldn’t believe he was making up stories by now… obviously his life was way miserable even before i came to the picture… when i was ready to walk away he shouted at me “who are you anyway, you are nobody!”… ok, by then i WAS pissed… i walked up to him and we did exchange some more heated words…
but then it was way later that he’s just an example of majority… for him or people who belong to any kind of institute or system such as cooperation or film business, and if you are not a part of it, you are nobody… it’s all about who’s below you and above you… it can be simple as how much money you make or even what kind of clothes you are wearing…
i was dumbfounded… yet felt so lucky i do not belong in any sort of institute that allow you judge people based on material or status… then i felt sorry for the guy who is stuck with earpiece and had to do whatever was told to him through it…

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  1. Haha! Nice one Okkyung! No need to be silent with these people! Please try Canadian Consulate NYC next time! Please screw up that head of security for me thank you!

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