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another rant from hallo, hallo, hallo…

July 3, 2006

went to this korean restaurant twice within last 5 days… it’s called sura, on east 9th street between 3rd & 4th avenue… went on my friend andy’s recommendation and it was pretty good… lunch special goes on until 5:30 which is a plus… had dol-sot bibimbap with multigrain rice which was sizzling hot and tasty… yum… and kimchee stew was pretty good too… one thing is that i wasn’t too crazy about their pajon (pancake) which was only crispy around the edge but rather soggy in the middle… the best korean pancake is still from kum-kang-san in flushing… very crispy and chewy… yum…
then went to see… oh, my, god, i forgot to mention that i went to see army of shadows and it was absolutely stunning…! jean-pierre melville is just brilliant… i’ve watched only “le samouraï” before which i absolutely loved it… especially for the subtlety of it and his storytelling skill through only visual details… this movie was another great example of his genius… plus all the actors are just amazing… so much of the emotions are not spoken or shown but you can just feel it… wow… absolutely amazing and powerful movie… and the plot is pretty amazing… and the music… really hope it gets to come out on DVD sooner than later… i see that now it’s showing at quad cinema…
well, i was going to say that i went to see pandora’s box with louise brooks and it was really beautiful… it’s crazy that movie was made in 1929 with no sound… but what a story and visuals… and louise brooks is totally mesmerizing… you just cannot take your eyes off from her… it was only a few months ago i saw “diary of a lost girl” which was also directed by g. w. pabst… both had just fabulous visuals… and yes, her hair style kicks ass… she can portrait an innocent young girl and a tramp at the same time with no sense of contradiction… how is that possible…?


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