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yikes… sick day no. 1 & 2…

July 3, 2006

cannot believe i’ve got flu… yikes… sucks cause it’s been so damn nice out… eh… stuck at home, drinking tons of water, juice… going to bathroom every half an hour… yesterday watched both world cup games plus some shitty + ok movies on tv… thought the game between portugal and england was amazing… everybody was really playing their 110%… maybe except a few of them… cannot say i was impressed by beckham for example… thought the goal keeper of portuguese team was fantastic… then brazil vs france was a bit less exciting… brazil’s defense was really not happening… they couldn’t pass through france’s tight defense and most of times it ended up with thierry henry dashing toward to the brazilian goal keeper… wow… amazing how they can run nonstop… i’d die…
meanwhile, i got to watch, thanks to my tv’s good mood, TNT showing all scary movies… “what lies beneath” with harrison ford and michelle pfeiffer, “the others” with nicole kidman, “the haunting” with lili tyler and catherine zeta-jones… oh, even watched a bit of “domestic disturbance” that vince vaughn plays a bad step father… well, except “the others” which i’ve watched a few years ago already and liked quite a bit, the other movies were pretty bad… yikes… well, maybe “what lies beneath” wasn’t so bad… definitely certain scenes were very scary… especially later in the movie… and i do like michelle pfeiffer a lot… think she’s really great, unique actress who doesn’t get so many good roles… and she looks amazing… “domestic disturbance” was so awful couldn’t believe it was directed by harold becker who’s made “sea of love” with al pacino and ellen barkins, one of my high school favorite movies… i just hate when they throw in such cheap psycho analysis into their shallow dialogue hoping it’ll turn a movie more “intellectual”… also thought “the haunting” was awful… even the effects were bad… well, i think lili tyler in general is an interesting actress and catherine zeta-jones can be very good, but they are totally wasted in this movie… owen wilson was unbearable and liam neeson was wooden as easter island statues…
then today feeling even worse than yesterday, tv was not behaving and couldn’t watch anything on tv… really wanted to go to see “barry lyndon” at moving image though… so watched ken russell’s “the devils” with vanessa redgrave and oliver reed… gee, there’s a scary movie for you… a total vision of hell on earth… 17th century france when religious battle/witch hunt was going on non stop… wow… it was just unbelievable… and all the amazing actors… of course those two mentioned above were phenomenal… oliver reed personally said this was his best performance ever… and he sure is amazing… but michael gothard who plays witch doctor/priest is unbelievably intense… and all the supporting characters are just great… also visually it’s stunning… also the set of the city of loudon where the movie is set is very futuristic… beautiful white brick fortress surrounding the city… and the convent… too bad it’s not out on dvd yet… funny to read that oliver reed was a total macho man who once (maybe more than once) said that his woman shouldn’t work outside home… wow…
then tried to watch “masculin feminin” but couldn’t really concentrate on reading subtitles because i was too sick… but the parts i got were very interesting… should watch it again on a good day… didn’t realize that paul, the main character was played by the same actor in “400 blows”… wish i could understand french… it sounds so damn beautiful…
ah, hopefully i will be feeling better tomorrow… eh… otherwise, more movies to go through… which isn’t too bad…

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