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maybe not as sick as yesterday but still… how about some ice cream, eh…?

July 6, 2006

call me crazy… but i had this craving for ice cream while i was sick as a dog for last few days…
so i went out today for the first time since saturday and went to this new ice cream joint in east village… sundaes and cones on east 10th street between 3rd and 4th avenue… don’t know why but i was excited about the place when i saw it a couple of weeks ago… so went in and was delighted to see that they had many “exotic” flavors such as taro, sesame, wasabi, honey & ginseng and corn… i tried corn, sesame and green tea… my rule of thumb is to get the same flavors from all different places so i can compare… my verdict…? very disappointing… their ice cream is sooooo gummy… personally cannot stand gummy ice cream… it leaves weird taste while it’s melting in your mouth… well, corn didn’t have so much flavor unless you really try to taste it… green tea was about the same… very gummy and not such a great balance between sweet and bitter… then (black) sesame tasted dusty…! sorry but i couldn’t even finish it… 2 scoops for about $4…. not worth it… rather walk all the way down to chinatown to go to chinatown ice cream factory… they still have good taro, decent red bean, good almond cookie and a couple other flavors i like… yes, their green tea is awful… oh, sobaya on 9th between 2nd and 3rd avenue has a great assortment of ice cream… their sesame and honey wasabi kick ass… and still my favorite green tea is from takahachi on avenue A between 5th and 6th street… and clinton street bakery on clinton below houston carries ice cream from brooklyn ice cream factory… their vanilla is good…
as far as i’m concerned ice cream should melt in your mouth, not sticking to the ceiling of your mouth…

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  1. So far, Maeda-En is my favorite. Check it out in the supermarkets. Oh my god, the texture they have is awesome! Try red bean and green tea…

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