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July 31, 2006

so… finally got a chance to watch “stalker” by tarkovsky last night at anthology… my first tarkovsky experience… and it was just fabulous… yes, it’s a very slow and meditative movie… yet each scene, i mean every single scene was so breathtakingly beautiful and thoughtful, it didn’t feel slow… well, maybe the last 20 minutes just because you knew that the ending was coming…
first of all, the set designs were just perfect… and how he showed them through long shots, either zooming in or out or just going back and forth… was a real work of art… even from the very first scene where the camera slowly zooms in through the open door… when it showed the bedroom, it was just like a gorgeous yet dark painting… made me think how cinema/movie has become the new real art form of this century and the last… it’s not painting, not photography, not literature but all combined… and it has even music and sound…! the way tarkovsky utilized the subtle changes of hues, sounds and expressions showed this guy’s true genius… and the script… wow… didn’t get everything since all the lines are quite philosophical but some of the ones i got were really though provoking and touching… then after reading a bit more about the movie on, i was even more intrigued about his symbolism… especially with the meaning of zone… which grants your inner most wishes that might bring you even death…
definitely going to see it again in near future and hopefully will get even more out of it… sorry zwyeback that you had a bad experience seeing this film for the second time but i don’t think i will… i might not be able to watch it in one sitting though…


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  1. …oh, good for you! Maybe I should give it a third chance. I mean, I was in a special condition at the second watch. The first time made me read and reasearch so much, and the movie is full of philosophical hints, but in a really dark way, so I probably felt seeing too much dark moral forefingers waving in front of my head (Wow! Sounds special, this is called direct translating, hope you understand what I want to say). Let me know your experience if you saw it the second time. I’m curious.And hey, don’t miss Solaris!Have to make a movie break, didn’t get back my DVD player after an art installation.But just got a Nano, late birthday gift.I couldn’t afford it myself.Very exciting, nice toy!My game now: I try to find the best commute soundtracks: Until now Shea/Grazhoppa’s Down River, Up Stream works great (this probably works for every occasion anyway), keeps me rolling. Triosk is nice, Boredom’s Super AE is very funny. Things like Trapist’s Ballroom or Hafler Trio unfortunately are too quiet in the subway. Mile’s Dark Magus is perfect to ride, brought me back to Miles again. The drones of Earth are absolutely impossible, dangerous, it’s just freaking me out, I start to sweat, my eyes are rolling and I start to stare at strangers. I anyway have a hard time to imagine that nobody else can hear what I am listening to, too complicated for my brain.I’m wondering what kind of music you would suggest for subway rides, just curious. Don’t say no music… Yeah, I know, childish, but I was always interested in finding out what kind of music works in what kind of situation/environment/context and why.

  2. Okkyung, you movie freak (like me), go see Deepa Mehta’s “Water”, it’s such a great movie!

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