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faust, les bonne femmes and days of being wild…

August 6, 2006

this wednesday at anthology, i got to see “faust” by f.w. murnau… my first murnau… and it was just pure cinematic beauty… just unbelievable how much he was able to do with limited technology… he was able to pull off such a imaginative and affective images by using mostly juxtaposing images… and all the characters were played out sincerely… couldn’t believe it was made in 1926…
the following evening was “les bonnes femmes” by claude chabrol… had a very eerie and haunting ending… about 4 young girls living in paris in 1960 trying to figure out what they want in their lives including love… seems like things haven’t changed all that much in year 2006… the ending reminded me of ” le notti di cabiria” which came out 3 years earlier…
then last night was wong kar-wai’s “days of being wild” with leslie cheung and maggie cheung… oh my, i loved it… so poignant and sad… think wong kar-wai must be a hopeless romantic… which i probably am… there were so many lines in the movie that went right to my soft spot and made me feel very melancholic… woo… why do we fall in with love someone who cannot give us (well, at least that’s my tendency) what we want… then should we care so much about if we can get it, whatever that is, or not, then decide to be with that person or not…? meanwhile do we even know what we really want…? why can’t we just reach out to each other and realize that life is short and we live only once… and you may never get another chance with this person… even though you might end up broken hearted… ah… that hurts too… yes, i probably have never made the “right” decision for me in terms of heart… ah yah… but, still, i believe in that thing called love… hey, wong kar-wai knows all too well about it… almost went to see “happy together” tonight then i couldn’t bear the idea of watching yet another sad love story with leslie cheung… oh, the scene in “days of being wild” where leslie cheung dances by himself in front of the mirror is absolutely genius…
my heart aches thinking of that movie… eh…


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  1. I think there is a great mystery about life, as cliched as that may seem. It seems that we as humans, for the most part, wish to keep this mystery alive, whether conscious or not, to keep things exciting. Perhaps this is why we desire the lovers we can’t have, as our day dreams of this love can be truly perfect. Yet if we meet such desires and fall into their arms, we can’t help but sabotage it, for fear that what we have isn’t what we imagined, so we seek elsewhere. Perhaps we never truly want to know who our destiny lies with. Or perhaps when we do know, our fears of its failure to meet our ideals of love destroy it.

  2. oh, my… sounds like you got it… wow… humans are such complex creatures… especially when it comes down to the matter of heart and desire… and love… first of all, it’s so unique that we have this enormous desire to love and to be loved which can totally take over our lives… then fall into what you are describing… trying to keep the mystery alive, not losing it by chasing someone who will never let you reach that state of complete love… or as soon as we reach it, look for something else… ah… it’s so crazy… see, i always thought, and still think that since i live only once, i have to follow the heart… then it really started to give me only heartaches… maybe i’m addicted to it…? ah yah… maybe it’s time for me to think with my head for a change… but then…

  3. As painful as it maybe, I think you are right to stick to your heart. I think it maybe our heads which are playing the tricks I described above, those tricks of ideals and mysteries. It seems that we are so bound and tied up in some kind of innate conception of romanticism. Perhaps the key is to keep the mystery alive without destroying the present…how this is done…I have no idea. Maybe it is to recognise that even the most complete relationships are bound with heartache, even if they never end. And perhaps those relationships we find ourselves in have their own mystery, one of unknown futures…and perhaps it is this we need to preserve, by not desiring all the immediate answers to such mysteries.I guess our ideals of love can be maintained by even those whom have been together for years, by commiting to an unkown, something unfamiliar to ones ideals…I don’t know…maybe I’m talking rubbish…

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