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fight club, the wizard of oz, born yesterday and a couple more…

September 18, 2006

so finally i got a nerve to watch “fight club” 7(!) years after it came out… i usually don’t do that well with violent movies and that’s why i was avoiding this movie… then i was just too curious and had to get over that fear…
and it was fucking great…!!!
yes, certain scenes made me feel ill and sick to the stomach and leaving me that bloody taste in my mouth but thought the movie was brilliant…! edward norton is such a great actor who can transform himself completely into the character… still remember the first time when i watched “primal fear” which was his first movie role and he killed it… also in “25th hour”… and brad pitt is dazzling… i know many people consider him as a sex symbol and nothing more but to me he’s a pretty actor… guess i never really liked well built blond guy… let me think… nope, not my type… but whenever i saw him in the movies like in “se7en” and “twelve monkeys” i thought he was rather good… guess those are all brad pitt movies i’ve seen… oh, wait, just saw “ocean’s eleven” and he was pretty cool too…
then believe it or not, i hadn’t seen “the wizard of oz” until this tuesday… yes, hard to believe but true… so when i saw that this movie was showing at ziegfeld theater, i had to go… don’t know if you’ve been to that theater or not, but that place is magical… so beautiful… imagining what it must have been like back in the days watching movies in such a beautiful place… got so excited… then as soon as judy garland appeared on the screen, i started to feel sentimental… and then she did it… sang “over the rainbow”… and boy, that alone was worth everything… her voice is just so powerfully rich in emotions, that makes your heart ache on a single note… have to say i didn’t love the movie… sorry but true… thought the characters were great, especially the tin man… but i felt the whole thing was way too short… funny because i know that they cut out at least 20 minutes from the original… have to admit that the lion was getting on my nerve…
then i watched “born yesterday:” with judy holiday and william holden… wanted to see it on a big screen about a month ago when they were showing it at walter reade but missed the chance… judy holiday is great playing a dumb blond with bigger brain that she thinks… and when she’s singing along the record, she’s hilarious…! have to say william holden’s character was a bit muted but still… wondering why it had “mature +18” sticker on the case…
oh, also watched “me and you and everybody we know” which was cute but maybe trying to be too smart and quirky for me… some of the lines are great… and the same for “garden state”… although natalie portman IS great… and something about zach braff bothers me… don’t know why… maybe it’s his lips…?
now want to watch “the apartment” again… feeling sentimental… it’s the cold weather perhaps…

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