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duh, are we shocked…?

September 26, 2006

check out this new york times article today…

gee, it took them this long to figure this out…? how about using… what’s it called…? common sense…!!!
fuck war on terrorism…

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. It still puzzles me when America, and mini America (England, where I’m from) cast their concerns and weave their media focus to a terrorist threat of middle Eastern origin when both countries are themselves operating as the leading terrorist organisations on the globe, imposing their ideologies and agenda where it isn’t wanted.I would apologise for stating what appears to be the obvious but this article seems suprised that there is an increase in this distaste for the west. How can people act suprised when the biggest current political issues of the West, that being our role in the middle East, are full of contradictions, double standards, and hidden agendas.It pains me that in such a postmodern time, where infromation is at our fingertips, we can’t all live together and accept eachothers differences. It seems that the more intelligent we get the more antagonistic and dangerous we become. Like you said, fuck the war on terror and fuck all this global hostility! There is a better world to be had and its one in which differences are welcomed, and we live as one, and not as conflicting species.

  2. thank you so much for such a great response… yes, it always amazes me how isolated and insulated the american public can be when it comes down to matters that involve “other people” in the rest of the world… yes, if you want to, you can find any sort of information via internet these days… it really didn’t have to take some government officials to go over the “facts” for such a long time to figure out where this so-called war on terrorism was leading up to… seriously i think the easiest way for us to advance to the better world is to put ourselves in other people’s positions and try to imagine how we would react and what would be the result before taking any kind of action… we live in the 21st century and should know better not to repeat the same mistakes from the past…ah, one day…just shame so many lives had to be and will be sacrificed for the wrong reasons…

  3. When it comes to $ and power, who would consider putting themselves in others positions? They’d simply ignore it even though they know how to do it! Only us little people can shout and protest as much as we can. But small fire from a match can burn down the whole forest, the little people can be powerful too.

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