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the prestige…

October 24, 2006

go and see it… just absolutely fucking brilliant…!!! christopher nolan doesn’t disappoint… what a great story and script… told in his typical mind bending ways but at the end everything gets explained… so much fun… have no idea why it got such mixed reviews but i loved every minute of it… christian bale and hugh jackman both are amazing as driven ego-centered magician rivals… and no matter what you think of scarlett johansson, she’s fantastic as olivia, young, sweet, vulnerable but clear minded woman trapped between two men… oh, michael cane, wow… how does he do it after all these years… he’s fantastic as always… wow… oh, don’t forget david bowie as tesla… brilliant, i’m telling you… it’s going to pick your brain and imagination…

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  1. 아무도 영화보기 전 까지 제게 그 영화가 fantasy 영화라는 것을 말해주지 않았아요. 그러나 2시간 내내 집중해서 재미있게 봤네요.

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