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flags of our fathers, napoleon dynamite and the king…

November 1, 2006

went to see “flags of our fathers”… well, originally i wanted to see “marie antoinette” but then thought maybe “flags…” is the kind of movie i should see on a big screen… although i don’t think clint eastwood’s movies are always good but since “million dollar baby” was pretty damn touching…
have to say it was a pretty great antiwar movie… like how “saving private ryan” made you almost “experience” how awful it must be in a battle field by nauseating camera shots, realistic sounds and jumpy edits… this movie definitely made me think that nobody have any right to ask these people to die like that… nothing can be that worthwhile… most of them were drafted and was sent off to fight for their countries and ideologies but to kill and be killed like that…? and cannot believe it doesn’t seem to have changed all that much since world war II and vietnam war and so on…
have to say how the movie kept going back and forth between the past and present got a bit tired but still all the performance were pretty great… and the look of the movie was pretty amazing… and all that black sand blasting everywhere against very pale palette of the iwo jima… and was great to see how the movie was able to recreate most of the scenes from the real pictures they show as the end credit rolls on… oh, the music done by clint eastwood was pretty lame… his typical doodling on piano… oh, well… think it worked pretty well on “million dollar baby” because it was more intimate and smaller scale movie but on this one, it did feel pretty lean…

maybe i’ll go to see “marie antoinette” next week… watched “napoleon dynamite” finally and it was pretty sweet… don’t think i can call this the funnies movie ever like so many other people but thought it was pretty hilarious… was amazing to learn that the actor who portrayed uncle rico who always eats steaks is actually vegetarian… and jon heder who plays the main character got paid only $1000… it’s definitely one of those movies made with lots of pure love and enthusiasm… hope the success of the movie didn’t spoil the director… he went on to make “nacho libre” which didn’t do that well…
then watched “the king” with gael garcia bernal… pretty fucked up story… it’s a pretty good anti-christianity movie… music was pretty good and pell james, the actress who played the main female character was good… of course, gael too… cannot wait to see “babel”…

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  1. It’s strange with Napolean Dynamite, truly a boat which left me at the bay. there is so much buzz around the movie and I’m not sure why.Will be curious to see what you think of marie antoinette. I watched it recently and have to say was pretty disappointed. It was always going to be tough to follow Lost in Translation since it was so incredible, and she was brave in many ways to do what she did.But the final result just wasn’t right for me. Don’t get me wrong, it has its moments, and it looks incredible but so many things were poor. The juxtaposition of a period movie with a contemporary sountrack was quite endearing but very inconsistent and at times really misplaced, felt kinda like a music video occasionally. Also, don’t really think she knew where she wanted to go with the movie, seems like she wanted to make an historical drama, then at other times a romantic comedy. As a result, for a lot of the movie I felt like I was waiting for the movie to truly ‘kick in’, but it never did.Anyway, just thought I’d share my ramblings on the movie. I’m curious to see what others thought.

  2. Agree with you, Adam. Both with Napolean Dynamite and M. Antoinette. (Oh man.. it’s all people’s names…)Sofia Coppola definitely lost her direction in MA. I think she wants to make a historical drama into a teen movie. But sadly she had too many ideas and dunno where it should lean on… sigh… What a waste, it should’ve been a great idea!!

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