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weird flu, in her shoes, pinkberry… don’t forget to vote…!

November 7, 2006

had this weird 24-hour-long flu thing last saturday… i was feeling just normal then all of sudden got this chill on my spine that crept up… then i passed out pretty much and slept for 14 hours, sweating like a pig… weird… then i was weak for a couple of days and i’m fine now… be careful…
so today is the election day…! please go and vote for the right ones if you are eligible to vote, not like me… i really hope this one will be different… ah… can you believe how republicans+bush are trying to manipulate people with all this saddam stuff…? think people should know it by now…
i watched “in her shoes” right before i passed out last saturday… i’ve been meaning to watch it since it’s directed by curtis hanson, one of a few directors who’s been consistently good over the years… “wonder boys”, “LA confidential” and even “8 miles”… and this one was great too… thought all the actors were pretty great… and there were many lines that really got me too… especially what toni collette says to her friend when she’s crying in her bed… then simon’s character… wow, he was like the most ideal guy you’ll ever meet… maybe except being a sports fan but other than that, he was honest, funny, sweet, sincere, manly enough, direct, into food and respectful… how come there aren’t enough of them around…?!?!
oh, also a friend of mine took me to this frozen yogurt place in korean town and was amazing… too bad i was too full to eat much… the place is called pinkberry and it’s on 7 west 32nd street between 5th and 6th avenue, closer to 5th… their frozen yogurt is tart and tangy, not full of nutrasweet like tasti-d-lite or other frozen yogurt you’d get… comes in two flavors, regular and green tea… then you get to choose toppings from fresh real, i mean real, fruits, cereals, cookies and all the goodies… it’s not cheap though… the small regular starts at $2.99 while green tea costs $3.49(?), then each topping is $.95… but it is worth all the money in my opinion… also they have shaved ice… oh, did i mention it’s fat free…? oh, my god, i sound like one of those horrible ads…

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  1. You know what? I walked in there once and didn’t order anything since I was full and broke! Damn, I gotta walk in with my stomach empty once more and come out fulfilled!!

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