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ah, yes…

November 12, 2006

since the democrats won the election, i’ve been sensing something different in the air… like new kind of hope, positive energy and bumbling excitement… that people still have power to change things… although it took somewhat long time going downhill but when it reached certain point, people said “no more of this bull shit… things need to change”… that is truly inspiring… i do know that things will not change overnight just because the democrats is taking over but at least i can hope it’ll be better than what has been going on for last 6 years… it has to be, how can it get worse than that to begin with…?
here’s an article i personally found very heartening…

out of all these places, south dakota… yes…
for that reason i feel more inspired to make music and enjoy life… keep getting ideas and finding new things to be excited about…
cannot stop feeling year 2007 will be fucking amazing…


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  1. Wow, this article is incredible, it truly is inspiring!Democratic governments are essentially meant to be articulating the views of the people, and in my naivete I often become cynical of the people, as well as the government, when poor political decisions are carried out. But this is just a foolish expression of anger I guess.Because if we look at the war in Iraq for example, we can see that the people aren’t being expressed! But this can change, and all it takes is for people to make themselves be heard, as exercised in South Dakota, and demand their views be spoken.It should never be thought that the ‘little guy’ can’t make a difference, because he truly can!Great article, thanks for bringing it to my attention

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