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ok, people…

November 26, 2006

well, not too long after melvin gibson’s anti-semite remarks and heartfelt apology, kramer managed to hold the spotlight with yet another racial outburst… if you’ve seen his rant on youtube or some other places, you will all agree that it was not just him making senseless remarks but he was angry… he was burning in hatred… then he came on the letterman show with “help” of his friend seinfeld whose million dollar franchise was at stake, he apologized and muttered that “i’m not a racist”…
wait a minute, if you are really not a racist, how could you say all that stuff with so much hatred and intensity to begin with…? why can mel gibson and michael richards just all admit that they are racists and need to work on it damn hard… we are all product of conditioning through culture and government up to a certain point, sad to admit… and we are all taught to detect the “otherness” of others… but as a human being with conscience, we try to look beyond that difference and understand that we are all the same… and just because you don’t go around say politically incorrect things about “other” people, it doesn’t mean you are not a racist… if racism was such a easy thing to escape from by saying “i’m not a racist”, we wouldn’t be having so many problems we are having right now…


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  1. ne of the rules of the game in cultural America is that no one here suffers from racism because no one here is racist-It is a rule that makes us U.S> citizens feel really good about ourselves- and yeah That M. Renoir he be a genius-

  2. Uuhh, very difficult issue! Very dangerous to take position I guess. Question is: Where does actually racism starts? Is it wrong to be serious about having a hard time to deal with behaviours of certain people of a certain race? Is it bad to sometimes being erotically more attracted by certain ethnies than by others? Is it fair to have more trust in people of your own origine just because it’s easier to deal with them? How far should integration/immigration go, how much do we have to give up your own behaviours to be a good immigrant? Is it possible to live without race-problems in a country like America, built on a very bloody, segregative, elitary race history? How much does a country have to face it’s history and the mistakes happened in the past? Is the todays generation responsible for the mistakes that happened in the past, and if yes, how should they act to make it better?I have no idea! I just think we should communicate about it, and we should try to give everyone the same chance, in every situation. Means also we should be able to be angry with someone of another race, to be able to express it the same way we would express it towards people of our own ethnie. But it never should be built on a general race or ethnic judgment whatsoever.That starts very early. What does it means if your friends tell you you should better not move to the States because it’s a terrible country and that it is a shame that you even pay taxes there? What if your father would tell you he would never come visiting you in the States because he don’t likes the country alltought he’s never been there? Isn’t that already a general judgement, isn’t that the way racism starts?Human beings behaviour seams to be based on mass and power, on reproduction and challenge. It looks like human beings tend to always define their family borders. Even in alternative communities there are some rules and rituals that allows their members or gurus to decide if somene belongs to the movement or if he’s excluded.It will ever be there I guess, but we should find fair ways to deal with, and we have to try hard, every day, to communicate, to prevent prejudice. No better place to learn it than New York. There are other big cities with mixed ethnies, but here you can’t run away, you have body, eye and verbal contact every day, in the subway. I don’t think that New York has no racial problems, not at all, but it is an interesting model, and I think that here’s a lot possible…

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