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i’m just baffled…

March 20, 2007

they are apologizing for miscalculating cherry blossom season but not comfort women…
go figure…

cherry blossom

comfort women

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  1. wellllll……that’s just how they are……..sigh……….if they ever will, lemme tell ya, the sun might be rising from the west…

  2. Don’t be baffled. The explanation is simple: Japanese culture sucks! Oh, sure, not the arty parts of it, but the basic sexism, racism and lack of interest in human rights are disgusting. I was completely horrified by the things I heard while I worked there.It was wonderful to go to Laos and run into a Japanese guy who’d spent 10 years fighting rural poverty in India and then another 5 in Laos. Very refreshing! Japan needs more people like him. Everyone I met while actually in the country had worse tunnel vision than Americans.

  3. There’s this famous Japanese “celebrity” who won his fame by brutally murdering a young European girl while in France and cooked some of her body parts and ate them with wasabi.For some reason he got back to Japan and became a celebrity and wrote some award winning books about his twisted mind and portrayed the murder in a very detailed and artistic way. So looks like he’s totally proud of it. He even acted in some movies.The biggest disgust is, while asked if they’re embarassed by this guy’s past, the Japanese public said they don’t really feel anything because the victim is a European, and that if the victim is a Japanese, yes, they would feel angry.Gosh…

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