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memoirs of a geisha…

April 4, 2007

watching it right now on tv…
come on, give me a fucking break…
it’s almost impossible to watch without getting my skin crawl… for so many reasons… it’s year 2007 (ok, it was made a couple of years ago) and do chinese still have to play japanese…? and if so, they should have known that chinese accent and japanese accent in english is very different… well, of course it is weird to see them speaking in english… i know the book was written in english… but it is weird to see it on screen when i can hear it all…
all those chinese actresses are fabulous ones and shouldn’t have been wasted like that… and why is it all the male characters ARE played by japanese while female ones are not…? thank god, it didn’t become a box office hit… otherwise there would haveen even MORE people who couldn’t care less that asians are not all the same… “letters from iwo jima” was exact the opposite example of that… keeping it real and respectful to the culture and people and history…
argh… i don’t know… maybe i’m just cranky…


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  1. For what it’s worth, part of the reason for the casting was apparently that the Japanese public likes those actresses better than any current Japanese actresses.I still haven’t seen or read it because I find people’s obsession with geisha annoying.

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