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October 24, 2007

saw “the assassination of jesse james by the coward robert ford” and liked it… have to admit it was a bit long and thought there were some parts in the middle that felt sluggish although i don’t think they could’ve been cut… but the ending, last 15-20 minutes of the movie is so well done, it makes up for all other parts…
first of all, it looks beautiful… the coloring and the way they used distorted corners on certain scenes helped setting the tone of the movie… although i cannot say i loved the voice of voice over… if that makes any sense… it took me a while to get used to the way characters talked because the movie was set in the 19th century south… however after a while, i was able to figure things out easier… and all the acting was pretty flawless… it’s easy to forget that brad pitt actually can act since he’s so famous for his look but he’s definitely perfect portraying jesse james who was paranoid and had many different faces… then casey affleck whom i’d not seen so much before did an amazing job pulling out the changes in the robert ford character… he’s not like his brother…! then the music, done by nick cave and warren ellis, was simple and neutral (?) that also helped the movie not to become sentimental but melancholy… don’t know if that makes any sense…
then went to see “control”, a movie about joy division, a punk rock group from manchester area in the late ’70s… and really liked the sincerity of the movie… shot in black and white which felt perfect for the movie… and the movie doesn’t mystify ian curtis and his depression but rather shows a young boy getting confused about life and love in a way we can all relate to him… that’s how i felt… we all went through and/or are still going through it… and again, a great ensemble cast from samantha morton to sam riley who played the main characters to tobby kebell who played the manager of the band… it’s at film forum on limited run but think it’s being held over…
then went to see “eastern promises” and loved it… oh, my god, yes, i loved that movie… although there were many many scenes i had to cover my eyes but thought everything was brilliant in that movie… and so many things unsaid and unseen but you can feel… especially the emotions of the characters… viggo mortensen is again underrated as an actor but he’s so fucking fantastic in this movie… wow… the way he looks, talks, touches, gazes, moves… everything…!!! and all other characters were just perfect… naomi watts as a strong willed and strongly feminine mid wife, vincent cassel as son of russian mafia who’s struggling to prove himself yet torn by his identity and armin mueller-stahl as cold blooded mafia who’ll do anything to save his family… and the music was so beautiful, done by the cronenberg composer howard shore… i have seen a few of cronenberg’s earlier movies and found them fascinating yet cold in a way… but this movie, i almost cried at the end… not to say that’s why this movie is better than others but just to say i was able to connect to the characters…
i know, i’m full of it…

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  1. have u seen Lust, Caution? if u did, what do u think of it?— Chern Hwei

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