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October 30, 2007

my right ear is ringing like crazy… like never before…
played a very very very x 100 loud gig last night… and i’m a total moron for not bringing ear plugs… i thought stuffing my ears with some tissue would help but the one i put in my right ear fell out during the gig and was totally exposed for at least 20 minutes… yikes… i really hope it’ll go away… i couldn’t fall asleep last night because it was so freaking loud…
it makes me wonder how those people who listen to their ipod or whatever so loud all day long can deal with this… they must experience the same pain as i have now, no…? maybe they all developed some kind of callus…?
argh… i’m an idiot… what can i say…

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  1. I had that same thing happen to me at a Tony Conrad concert about 10 years ago at the Middle East upstairs. I could only make it about 15 minutes before I bought ear plugs at the bar. I felt weak for breaking down and buying ear plugs, but it was getting painful. The ringing aftewards was almost unbearable and I quickly learned my leason. But despite the pain the show was of course amazing! The extended volume in his performance made the microtones really pop and brought a colorful aspect into the experience.

  2. Hello,I am a French student and I am in Seoul for a 6 months internship. And since I have been here, I am looking for Korean artists who plays music with the background I am interested in (jazz/noise/improvisation, like maybe John Zorn or Carla Bozulich). And today, thanks to Pitchfork, I finally discover you and your last LP! Your music and your collaborations seem very fascinating, and I can’t wait to listen “I Saw the Ghost of an Unknown Soul and It Said…”And I discovered your blog by making some researches on Google (I really like your posts about There Will Be Blood, Jesse James, Cohen Brothers, and especially the one about your ideas on noise).It is a funny coincidence that you talked about this earring problem, because I had the exactly same problem this week, due to a concert in Seoul. I saw the French band Justice (not really the same kind of music, but in a way they create some huge and powerful waves of big noise, it is really distorted), and it seems that there is absolutely no security limitations on the volume and the sound in Korea (tell me if I am wrong), and if you don’t have protections…I saw a lot of noise concerts in Paris (Sonic Youth, Faust, Liars…), and I never met this kind of problem: five days after this show in Seoul, I still had this ringing sound in my ears, and if I haven’t seen a specialist doctor (who prescribed me serious medications), I think that maybe I could have lost some faculties. But my problem is now almost done, and I hope that you also don’t have anymore this pain and earring problem. (In fact I don’t even know if it happened to you in New York on in Seoul).Do you plan to play a show in Seoul this year? I really hope to see you playing and to hear your music live.François.

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