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tonight in phily…

November 5, 2007

just got back from a gig in phily…
after the gig this guy came up to me and said…
“considering how unfriendly you are, i was really shocked to see how sensitive you played.”
for a second i wasn’t sure if i heard him right then realized he did say what i thought he said, i said,
“oh, i’m shy but if you want to be judgmental about me, go ahead…”
he came back toward to me and said,
“i’m not judgmental. i came to the conclusion over the course of the evening” or something like that…

ok… here are some of my after thoughts which i really wish i was able to say it right away but i guess i didn’t want to create a scene…

a. he wouldn’t have said that to a guy…
b. where the hell did he get that bull shit theory that being friendly has anything to with playing sensitively…
c. fuck you…


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  1. Ha ha ha. You are so right, especially about point c. You’re hot; maybe he was annoyed that you weren’t flirting with him. Either way, he sounds like a creep.

  2. People are so quick to pass judgement these days. I can’t work out why this guy thought he had the right to say that, very bizarre.I love point B, very well put. That’s a very strange connection for him to make, I don’t understand it at all.

  3. a. You’re right. That’s a hilariously bad negative hit. “Shocked”?!? Negative comments about character will turn a shy girl unfriendly. What should he have said to be more engaging?b. This is ridiculous Kafkaesque bad logic. I like that that he thought it over and insisted that he was right. Its funny. smile.c. At least he made a significant impact on you. Was he otherwise attractive?

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