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November 17, 2007

saw “before the devil knows you are dead” a couple of weeks ago… and it was wonderfully depressing… not to spoil anything, i’ll just say that this movie questions the nature of relationships that are supposed to be unconditional such as one between parents and children, especially between a farther and a son… also the marriage and intimacy… the acting from everyone, i mean everyone is so intense and real you cannot help sympathizing with everyone… the only thing i had to complain was that the sound effect that occurs whenever the movie jumps back to different times in the past start to get on my nerve after a few times… but other than that, it was absolutely brilliant… sidney lumet hasn’t lost it at all…
also saw “no country for old men” two nights ago and thought it was pretty great… have to say javier bardem is definitely one of the best actors out there… he plays this cold blooded killer for hire to the bones… once in a while i couldn’t notice how pale even blue his face looked through out the movie… also josh brolin whom i had crush on while i was in high school watching “the young riders” on tv did an excellent job… and tommy lee jones is again great playing somewhat solitary sheriff… kind of similar role as he had in “the three burials of melquiades estrada” though… kelly macdonald who plays josh brolin’s wife here had a great on screen presence… she had a great texan accent considering she’s a scottish… the only problem i had with this movie is though that while i was in the theater it was totally gripping yet when i left the theater somehow it didn’t stay with me as much as other movies i liked recently… i wonder why… i might have to watch it again…
oh, watched “lust, caution” as well… i wasn’t really interested in watching it in a theater until a friend of mine told me how hot tony leung was in the movie… and she was right… thought it was pretty good despite all the mediocre reviews it received… the sex scene which caused all that controversy was really sincere and absolutely needed to show the nature of the relationship these two characters had… like “brown bunny”… if you just go beyond the fact that you see people naked doing sexual acts on large screen, you’ll be able to feel the emotions that goes with the scenes… well, that’s what i think anyway… tony leung is hot…
uh… i’m totally distracting myself from writing music… yikes…
still i’d like to go to see “american gangster” although a couple of people told me how trashy the movie was…


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  1. speaking of American Gangster, I saw an OLD Ridley Scott movie last week — Blade Runner: The Final Cut.I can’t believe finally had a chance to see this film on BIG SCREEN, not to mention it’s Scott’s very own (finally) version. Most of the parts are similar to the Director’s Cut, but this one is clearer in many ways. This film totally moved me when I watched in the cinema! Finally!

  2. yep. i second the opinion that american ganster wasn’t that good.

  3. I have to chime in that I thought American Gangster was VERY good! It has a lot to say about NYC in the 60s and 70s and about crime as capitalism’s natural result. and interesting take on race relations and other things. Good acting, quite beautiful in the decrepit NYC way of the 70s in my opinion.Here is a worthwhile read on the subject:

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