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my latest obsession…

December 28, 2007

have to say the last few days have been dreadful… cannot wait for this year to be over… not that the new year will change my mood drastically but…
meanwhile i’ve been obsessively watching my new idol jeremy brett playing sherlock holmes from that famous granada tv series from mid ’80s through the mid ’90s until he dies of heart failure… it wasn’t until last week or so a friend of mine showed me an episode of it and i’ve been totally hooked… first of all, i grew up regarding sherlock holmes as my idea man… i think i must have been 7 or 8 when my mom bought me the entire collection, in korean of course, and i remember reading them over and over and over… i was so smitten by the character like many other young kids all over the world, and constantly coming up with my own version of him… i would be drawing his portraits along with that famous outfit and pipe… envisioning him as tall and lean man who wasn’t afraid of anything… and have to say the version jeremy brett created really hits the mark… he is so damn charismatic i can watch even just the corner of his mouth forever… and all the little nuances he added to the character along with a great sense of pride, ego and yet kid like enthusiasm… and he’s devilish handsome man… and his voice and diction… wow… i cannot wait to watch all the episodes… and i really do wish i was able to watch him in a theater… it seems like he was just as fantastic as he was on tv…
also it’s really interesting that he was so underrated… even after starring next to audrey hepburn and rex harrison in my fair lady, the fame escaped him… not that would’ve made the man happier but sometimes i wonder if he had gotten famous after all, what kind of life would he have had as an actor…? and how many more movies that we might be able to rent easily… he was twice considered to take over the bond after sean connery… the same goes for patrick mcgoohan, my last obsession who had a similar path, except that mcgoohan had his fame early on then decided to run away from it all..
well, well, well…
at least jeremy brett will be remembered as The Sherlock Holmes by many and there’s no doubt that this tv series will endure the test of time… it’s done just brilliantly…
meanwhile… what’s up with my obsession over dead people really…


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  1. Hi Okkyung. Just wanted to say I love the new look of the website, it’s beautiful! I hope your feeling better after some shitty few days. Looking forward to see what you create this year!

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