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arrested development…

June 10, 2008

while i was sick last weekend, i got to watch the entire episodes of “arrested development” which was on fox for a couple of years then got canceled despite it being one of the funniest things on tv, especially on national network not on cable… it just never scored big in terms of rating… i think it was too quirky and smart and complex and weird… i had watched a few episodes and always loved it… but seeing it from the beginning definitely made it even funnier…
anyway… now it’s available for free to watch it online…

if you could, watch it from the beginning since there are so many in-jokes referencing to the previous shows… not that i’ve watched so many shows on tv but i really think this one is special and all the characters are amazing… and once you get to know them, they become more likable although most of them are horrible…!!! i know that doesn’t make any sense…

cannot wait for the movie to come out…!

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  1. Is the movie definite? I hope so…

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