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what the fuck…!

June 20, 2008

as some of you might have heard or seen, michelle obama was on “the view” yesterday… i was able to catch a few minutes of it while i was on elliptical machine at the gym, yes, that’s where i catch up with the “rest” of the world… and i thought she was funny and relaxed considering that she had to share the table with that annoying self-righteous republican bitch elisabeth hasselbeck… and interestingly enough they only talked about “small” issues like what kind of breakfast they have and if obama still takes the garbage out… yeah, right…
but just like my ellen page story, the real shock came the day after when i was watching cnn again at the gym today…first of all, they were all going ga-ga over her for the fact that she was able to present herself soft, feminine and likable…!!! and she looked so pretty and what not… apparently people are asking for her dress… then this person from cnn interviewed 3 women who attended the show and asked them what they thought… and all of them said something like “oh, she was so sweet”… then one of the women said when asked if she thought michelle obama needed “some softening” and her answer was “we all do need some softening…” what the fuck does that mean…?
then they also had this male analysist (my-ass) saying “the less michelle obama speaks her mind, the better for the campaign” and “most of the nation is not ready for strong women”…
i mean i do know that they have to play all this political bull shit games in order to win but i thought we were READY for some freaking changes around here…
i don’t care what you say… i LOVE hillary just because she doesn’t apologize for being tough and being strong… women are never good enough anyway so why even bother…? the world would be a lot better place if they get ready for more strong women all over the world…!!!

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  1. right on, woman

  2. Not to be crude, but… Sometimes the passage of time is the most powerful agent of change in this world. I think that there are already many people who don’t think of women and power as characteristically disjunctive. I am also sure that there will be more who think this way in the future. Many people who fight this reality will not accept it, no matter what happens. Luckily, human beings have a limited lifespan. I believe that what’s good and bad about people will sort itself out. My guess is that that’s evolution.—Victor

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