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we ALL need to watch this… and ask some questions…

August 25, 2008

ok. everyone… this is not one of my typical blog talking about movies and food and all that fun stuff… it’s about this movie that we ALL need to watch and be informed… you don’t need to agree with the movie but just to have some questions raised, that’s already more than enough… maybe some of you’ve already seen this one…
i was thinking about making tons of copies and send it to people but here it is, available from this website…

zeitgeist movie website
to download…

hope you’ll finding it as fascinating as i did…
oh, by the way, the dark knight is a GREAT movie…


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  1. Thanks for this, really fascinating and truly disturbing. It’s important people really take note and confront these issues I feel, for they are too easily dismissed. However, I thought it was maybe a little too conclusive at times, making some leaps into statements which weren’t particularly sustainable through facts, maybe a little in part 1 and at the end. It’s not that I disagree with what was being said, I just think the questions and facts presented are disturbing enough and don’t need such sweeping things to follow them. I just think this becomes a concern as the movie uses the term ‘truth’ a great deal and I am always cautious of this word even in a film I for the most part agree with. But this is surely the whole purpose of the film, to make people take a step back from what is presented to them as ‘truth’ and really think about what is being said. I also found the Jordan Maxwell quotes particularly fascinating, as well as those segments from ‘Network’. Really interesting movie, thanks for the link.

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