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to our hero… and anti hero…

December 15, 2008

sure most of you have already seen this but just in case…

iraqi journalist throws his shoes at bush…

it doesn’t get better than this… this guy is our hero… of course we all got good laughs from watching bush ducking the shoes and wished that the shoes actually had hit him… however some moments later i began to think how desperate and angry that guy must have been… he shouted out “this is a goodbye kiss from the iraqi people, dog…” and surely represented the sentiment of iraqi people and probably most of people in mideast… that reminds us of something we are getting number and number to it every moment as this aimless war drags on… people are getting killed, wounded, orphaned, damaged every single day still because of this guy… so how come we haven’t had enough courage not even to throw our shoes at him let alone impeaching him during last 8 long nightmarish years…? of course there are many people who have been doing just that but still it feels like most of us stopped caring and letting this dog get off the hook too easily… as you can see bush finds it all amusing…
too bad there is no such thing as anti-humanitarian award we can give him… and to all other dogs involved…

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