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yesterday in the afternoon…

February 2, 2009

as i was walking out the main entrance of my apartment building, there were these 2 guys in a verizon truck… and one of them stopped me saying “excuse me, do you speak english…?”
i got bugged out although it wasn’t the first time that had happened to me… i said yes somewhat grudgingly… he went on asking me if i could open the door for him since they needed to go down to the basement of the building to work on whatever he had to… i opened the door and asked him “do you ask that first to everyone who looks asian…?” the guy apologized and told me that he didn’t intent to offend me but since he worked a lot in chinatown and didn’t want to offend anyone… then i told him that in a way he was offending me me by asking that first…
well, even though i understood where he was coming from… but then thought about all the asian-americans, or any other minorities, who were born here and grew up american and speak perfect english and still probably get that question just because they don’t look “american” enough outside… along with getting all lumped into an “asian” category filled with streotypes… or even “orientals”…
wonder how he would have felt if i asked him if he spoke english…

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