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a dilemma…

February 9, 2009

i always feel like a moron whenever i tip someone for making me a cup of tea at a cafe… have you seen that episode on seinfeld…? i forget if that was elaine or george but it was about tipping someone when they can see you otherwise it wasn’t necessary to tip… i know it’s moronic… but i usually tip $1 for $2 tea at least when i can… and if i put some coins instead of a bill i feel like a cheapskate… but isn’t 25% a generous tip…? so 50 cents is 25% of $2… but with this economy $1 tip seems to be a bit too much… then it’s only a buck…!

then also there is this dilemma of whom to tip… let’s say there’s this person who is always nice to you then it’s not a problem for you to tip… not saying they are nice to you so they can get your tip but then it’s also weird that you are acknowledging someone’s friendliness with money…? but then should you tip when someone was indifferent or not even nice but because they did something for you…? and should you tip just because you feel guilty…? then should i tip the nice one more…? do i have to tip $2 for my $2 tea if i tipped only $1 for someone who was not as nice…? and also when it’s just a tea bag, that gets tricky… you know that person only did was to open a tea bag and put it in a cup and pour some hot water in… that’s not really a work… if someone make you an awesome cup of cappuccino, that’s a different story obviously… argh… too many things to worry to survive in this modern society… it’s just a cup of tea really…


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  1. see, if you really want to tip, you just do it…. without any evaluations of the work done….. was it a teabag or a cappuccino should not cross your mind….if you feel like tipping just do it, because you feel like it, because it’ll give you pleasure, it’ll make you feel better…and the person you are tipping will be pleased too….on the other hand, if thoughts or hesitations are crossing your mind-don’t tip, because you’ll always feel dissatisfied, uncomfortable and will keep thinking about it…. don’t know if it makes any sense to you at all…

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