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last night at roulette…

February 14, 2009

i was sitting on a piano bench at the back of the room since it was a packed house… don’t really need to see it to hear it… midway into the set this guy who was standing behind me decided to “share” the bench with me without asking… and he sat right next to… meaning his body was touching mine… i looked at him then decided to ignore… i think i moved away a bit so there’s a little room between us… then a couple of minutes later he started to push me out of the bench… literally pushing his body against mine so i was barely sitting on the edge of the bench at this point… i was so dumbfound at this i said to him “excuse me…? what are you doing…?” he stares at me and realized that this guy was a bit creepy… i mean nothing wrong with he had no hair and his head was really shinny… had no facial expression or what-so-ever… then he even extended one of his arms over me as if he was trying to, i don’t know what the hell exactly, overpower me in some crazy way…? then stared at me again…without saying a word…!
i got so crept out but didn’t want to just get up because it was i who was sitting there first… what the hell…? so i turned my back to him and tried to stick to that little spot just because… then started again…! he was pushing me even harder… then i was furious so i told him he was an idiot… then he did the exact the same thing to me… i just couldn’t stand this creepy asshole i walked out to the reception area since i didn’t want to make a scene during a set… then i waited until the gig was over so i could have some kind of confrontation with this guy but then he disappeared…
so if you see a medium built guy with an exceptionally shinny head and flat facial expression, stay away from him… also i have a very strong feeling he did it to me because i was a girl… yikes… there are still freaks out there…

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  1. what a foul, creepy, douchebag.

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