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what’s so damn funny…?

March 16, 2009

i forget where i was…

it was at some kind of concert… the musicians were using certain noises like squeaks and scratchy sounds and so on… then lots of people in the audience started to laugh when they heard it… uh…

then i watched segment on jon stewart with jim cramer the other night on youtube… which led me to a clip of jon stewart on cnn’s crossfire a few years ago where he was pleading them to stop hurting america… and again there were so many people laughing in the audience… ok…

i’ve noticed that people laugh when they feel uncomfortable… but i wonder if they think about it after their laughter is over what was so funny about it all…

the musicians are serious playing those noises as playing “regular” notes or music as jon stewart was serious about begging those idiots to stop… isn’t it about time we all should be able to be serious and not turn it all into some kind of entertainment…?

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  1. Laughing is sometimes a strange thing. I cannot remember who said that laughter is a development of screaming but I believe there is some truth to it. People laugh for different reasons at different things but sometimes it is because of insecurity and laughing is some kind of protection. A kind of "stupid" relief, yes. Or maybe "primitive" is a better word for this behaviour. It is only the behaviour and not the whole person who should have this label. Otherwise will prejudice truly rule and no one wants that. I enjoy reading your blog and I love your music. Take care.

  2. Desmond Morris, who is a zoologist, said that in his book 'human watching'I strongly believe that most of great, precious, and ingenious things seem to be funny to contemporaries at first. if we look at so-called masterpieces in every area of arts, breakthroughs in the history of science and even conventions being taken for granted thesedays were once regarded as a ridiculous fancy and idea. You don't have to care about people laughing at because most of them are just ignorant.

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