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April 29, 2009

encounter #1
was sitting at a jazz club in west village… overheard this guy who supposedly writes for a small jazz paper talking to a friend of mine… “if you want to have your cds reviewed, the most important thing is to write up an impressive press release… because most of time, i don’t even listen to the cds but just copy what’s written on the press release so it’s really important you make is impressive…” he was admitting it so freely… i knew that we were never going to be friends… later that night, i was saying goodbye to my friens outside the club… this guy who didn’t say a word to me came up to me the last minute and asked me whati did… “i play cello…” i answered… he immidiately went on saying “i love cello…! we should play together sometime…!” which i replied with “well, you’ve never even heard me play…” he looked confused and asked “why, what do you play…?” and i said “i play noisy stuff…” he started to make some stupid gestures with his hands and said “you mean like this…?” with a weird expression on his face… i didn’t bother to say any further… wasn’t going to waste my energy… but he sure made an impression…

encounter #2

the other night i was doing a gig as a “favor” for the same friend from encounter #1 which wasn’t really a good idea… it was at a bar and i really don’t like playing in that circumstance anymore… on top of that it was supposed to start at 11 pm but we didn’t get to start until 12:30 ish… i was exhausted and resenting the whole situation… i know many of my friends don’t mind playing at bars and even like it… good for them but i just cannot handle… anyway… the gig didn’t stop until 1:30 and my right thumb was bleeding from rubbing and was having a hard time with the balance on the stage… but still i did my best trying to make music… i think there were maybe 6 people in the audince left at that point which was fine… but i guess i didn’t look so thrilled when the friend i was playing for announced my name on the stage… so after the gig, i was sitting outside and this guy from encounter #1 came up to me… he said “i really liked your playing but you should show more appreciation to the audience…” i thought about swallowing up my words but then i didn’t know why i should let him lecture me after playing my ass off, trying to make the best situation out of the whole thing… who was playing on the stage, excuse me…? so i said to the guy “dude, i just finished playing and really don’t need you to tell me what i should be like on the stage…” and his response was “oh, it was light hearted… didn’t know you were going to take it that way…” and he left red faced…

so to sum it up… i don’t like this guy… i’m just glad none of my friends are like that…

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  1. Gosh! I totally know people like that!! People who just don’t get it.

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