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this morning…

August 6, 2009

walking down the street this morning with my cello on my shoulder, this guy handed me a glossy card that says XXX something… he said “hey, miss, if you are ever interested in recording something, this is a studio nearby…” i replied with simple no thanks after glancing at it… then as soon as i said it i saw that he had a young daughter with him and felt slightly guilty… but was too late to take that card from him…
i could have just taken that card and thrown it away at the end of that block but i didn’t want to pretend as i was really interested in his studio… but then i could have just pretend only for a few seconds to make him feel not “rejected” especially in front of his daughter… or send out any negative energy… but then i’m sure i’m thinking too much about it already… then why not…?

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  1. dis-human bitch

  2. ha ha ha… this person must have felt really compelled to leave that comment…

  3. I always take flyers, my thinking being that the sooner they give them all away, the sooner they can move onto another , more dignified, task….And Anonymous #1: wtf?!

  4. once i took all the flyers from this boy who looked about 11 years old… then i felt a bit guilty throwing them all into a trash can in the next block… and since this incident(?) mentioned above i've been taking pretty much all the flyers even when it's in a language i don't speak… ha ha ha…

  5. Okkyung, you're cute, hehe…

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