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hallo again…

September 22, 2010

hmm, it seems like it’s been ages since i posted my last blog… well, a lot has happened since then for sure… i’ve been traveling even more than last year and actually i spent more than half of my time outside new york this year…

also i started to spend more time in berlin which is becoming my second home these days… as a matter of fact, my visa to us got delayed over the summer and i decided to stay put here until i go on a tour with spencer and peter in mid october…

this summer i did my first ever residency in krems, austria which was a great experience… and it was topped with this great encounter with korean traditional percussion group sonagi, led by magnetic jae-hyo jang along with great hahn rowe… that was my very first time collaborating with korean traditional musicians fully and sure hope to continue doing more…

also i had my very first “vacation” in years… i think the last time i had something similar was when i was 18…? and it was this crazy trip i took with my mom as part of korean tour group… you know, a large group of people traveling in buses and go to millions of tourist attractions in such cramped schedules…? i swear we went to five different countries in one week… funny thing is that we were always led to korean restaurants for meals… other than that i barely remember anything… however i’m happy to report that this vacation i took this summer was a real one… spent most of time in northern italy basically doing nothing but strolling around old towns, beaches and eating lots of yummy food… ah, how did i get so lucky…? i even got to see this amazing meteor shower one night and it sure was magical… was even better than the time i went to central park and waited until 4 am many years ago… made me understand why people used to think stars were hanging from the sky… they were so close as if i could just reach out and touch them… just lovely…

oh, another achievement this summer… i learned how to ride a bike…! it took me only a few days surprisingly… and now i’m even brave enough to ride bikes on the streets… of course i’m still tense and scared riding it next to cars or fast bikers but what a great way to navigate around in berlin…!

hmm… i guess i had a pretty good summer… even though it got kind of screwy at the end with visa and some other stuff but still… it’s nice to have sweet memories to look back at…

now i cannot wait to go out on the road again…

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  1. Daniela permalink

    lovely to read your blog! well, I am always very hesitant to write so personal, but I find it more than sweet to read your entries, which are almost like a diary, but sure being aware that others read it. and you’re a good story-teller!

    bye and dont’ stop to write


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