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modern life…

September 25, 2010

before i moved to new york 10 years ago, i’d never imagined myself writing blogs, updating my website, finding friends on facebook, uploading music to myspace, checking my emails every 10 minutes, sending text messages to friends all over the world, talking to my family via skype and twitting little silly things to say and chatting online for hours… in a way it’s really taking my life over… yes, i can turn it all off and live my life but as we all know this shallow (not all the time obviously) satisfaction of being “connected” to the outside can be so comforting and assuring… but then also it can be turned into some kind of vague fear that you might be missing out on something… but even when you are not constantly sending out the signal that you exist, the world is not going to disappear on you… it’ll still be there when you “reconnect” through all these various and mysterious technological outputs… yes, i know… but still…

ah, modern life…


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  1. sangseok permalink

    ah, modern life… I feel sympathy.

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