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my new solo record “ghil” will be out later in june…

May 4, 2013

my new solo record “ghil” will be out later in june…

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  1. Johan zuidema permalink

    wow, heard that track an hour ago and I’m still in shock!

  2. Hello Okkung
    My name is Jeremy and a while back I have heard your music at Tonic and the Stone. Fanastic sounds.
    I gave me father Robert Grosvenor (he is an artist shows at Paula Cooper Gallery) an early CD and he is a big fan as well. He does not have a computer and I was wondering if there is a way I can purchase your latest release “ghil” on a CD? Would that be possible.

    • hi, jeremy…
      thank you for your kind words… at the moment ghil is only available for LP and digital download only… i supposed you could download it and burn in onto a cd for your father…? just so you know, this one is very noisy…! but sure he can handle it…
      thanks and hope you are having a wonderful summer…!

  3. jeremy permalink

    great thank you. hope to take my parents to hear you perform in ny.

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