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ghil cover only

ghil (editions mego/ideologic organ)
okkyung lee – solo cello


Ghil was recorded and produced by the Norwegian artist Lasse Marhaug. Instead of recording in what has become the standard in modern contempoary music, with high-end equipment and in controlled studio settings, Marhaug wanted to record Ghil in an expressionistic way – to purposely use crude equipment and unorthodox microphone placement in order to give a more raw and direct depiction of Okkyung playing her music. Marhaug says if it they were making a film, it would be like shooting on grainy 16mm black&white with close-ups instead of 35mm colour cinemascope… for more info

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white cable, black wires    
john edwards / okkyung lee (fataka)




A stunning series of duo improvisations from two of the world’s finest string players, whose shared dynamism and intensity of purpose produces fluid, powerful music that ranges from dense viscosity to swift effervescence.
With all-strings improvisation there’s often a danger of pseudo-classicism, of sounding vaguely like modernist chamber music, replete with refined flourishes and familiar motifs. Edwards and Lee don’t just avoid this but go nowhere near it, heading off in another direction entirely.
White Cable, Black Wires is full of rude vitality, driven by an intensely physical interplay which encompasses growling blocks of noise, subtle melodies, and nimble rhythmic entanglements. (from FaTaKa)

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57 answers

57 answers
okkyung lee – cello (audition records)download only




From many sites we can read about the exceptional background and unique music of Okkyung Lee. We can read also a lot about her development as improviser and composer, and her numerous performances with artists such as Laurie Anderson, Carla Bozulich, John Butcher, Chris Corsano, Thurston Moore, Ikue Mori, Butch Morris, Evan Parker, Wadada Leo Smith, John Zorn, etc… or list her albums on tzadik, psi,ecstatic peace, emanem, or with Christian Marclay… but on this “art in realese” we would prefer to mention otherwise some beautiful moments for us as audience.
On the 20th of march, in 2012, Audition were collaborating with Bei Roy and the Ohrengala. Nils Ostendorf was searching for a place to perform with Okkyung Lee, Kim Myhr and Morten J. Olsen and contacted us.
Of course it was an amazing lineup to say yes immediately. Okkyung performed also on the same night a solo.
… Sometimes is quite easy to talk about the skills and obvious virtuosity of our favorite musicians, but see how the audience is “emotionally moved”, inspired while a musician is playing… that’s gold.
Five months later, we organised another evening again at Bey Roy’s Ohrengala and she performed with Dj Sniff [Takuro Mizuta Lippit]… wow! Simply another great night. From the beggining to the end the duo was an infinite overflow of sounds and elegance…. and smooth brutality. Yes, it was quite noisy! Each time we have heard Okkyung, an implosion feeds the sensation and the feeling of something alive, extremely alive. And that’s why we prefer to avoid any question. Enjoy this jewel!
Enjoy the “57 answers” by Okkyung Lee. (from Audition Records)

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evan parker/okkyung lee/peter evans

the bleeding edge
evan parker/okkyung lee/peter evans (psi 11.10)




The art of trio improvisation is taken on here by three pitch producing instruments each from a different family: reeds, brass and strings. Each player comes from a different continent but the music speaks of unanimity. Purely acoustic real time improvised music continues to develop. (from psi)

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     noisy love songs (for george dyer) (tzadik)




An important member of the downtown scene since 2000, Okkyung Lee has worked with Laurie Anderson, Evan Parker, Vijay Iyer, Thurston Moore, Butch Morris, Larry Ochs, Christian Marclay and John Zorn, among others. Her new project for Tzadik features several of her closest collaborators in intimate chamber pieces that combine written music with noise improvisation. Evocative, intense and passionate music from this cutting edge master of modern cello! (from tzadik)

cornelius dufallo – violin
peter evans – trumpet
okkyung lee – cello
craig taborn – piano
satoshi takeishi – percussion + electronics
christopher tordini – bass
ikue mori – electronics & john hollenbeck – percussion on steely morning

1. one hundred years old rain (the same river twice)
2. upon a fallen tree
3. kung
4. saeya saeya
5. white night
6. danji
7. roundabout
8. bodies
9. silenced answer
10. steely morning
11. yellow river

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little clip on udomondo
phil minton / okkyung lee (dancing wayang )


A delicate, intimate and sometimes slightly thorny affair ANICCA, named after the concept of impermanence in Buddhism, is a first encounter between boundary pushing cellist Okkyung Lee (New York) and legendary singer Phil Minton (London). Recorded in a day at Eastcote Studios, London, this release comes housed in hand screenprinted wrap around sleeves based on an intricate papercut by Okkyung. Exclusive liner notes are provided by artist Christian Marclay, a frequent collaborator of both Phil and Okkyung.
Recorded acoustically and with the aim to capturing the rawest, smallest, biggest and most beautiful sounds of their respective instruments, Okkyung’s cello and Phil’s voice sound nothing like they should. At their most powerful the resonance of both strings and vocal cords trade places, merge and tangle to create a storm, a wave and a crackling fire. But each gust of the wind is preceded and followed by the hush tones of two strangers meeting for the first time. Listening to ANICCA is witnessing a constant state of flux. Just as the strings meet in celebration, turmoil pulls them apart and therein lies the thrill of this music.
The first 100 copies of the LP come with a bonus 3″ CDR which features one additional duo track and two solo pieces from the studio sessions. (from dancing wayang)

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