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okkyung lee – london solos 3 + 4 by helen petts

thurston moore + ikue mori + okkyung lee trio

okkyung lee + michelle boulé at issue project room (part 1)

emaki/light by makino takashi + ishida takashi, with solo cello okkyung lee at rotterdam film festival 2012

sean baxter + c spencer yeh + okkyung lee at festival densités, 2010 (part 1)

lotte anker + lindha kallerdahl + okkyung lee at music unlimited 23 by pavel borodin (part 1)

christian marclay + okkyung lee at cafe oto by helen petts

liam noble + mark sanders + okkyung lee at cafe oto by helen petts

  1. luke permalink

    i’m just some teenager in the backwaters of texas. no one in particular. i don’t know, you may feel as if maybe sometimes a lot of people don’t take your music as something of beauty. i just wanted to let you know that you’ve truly inspired someone today. thank you for making beautiful music. thank you for being noisy. thank you for guiding someone lost.

    sending wishes of warmth and good fortune,

    • oh, luke… thank you so much for your kind words… and hope you are feeling less lost today… i still feel like that once in a while… i guess life is filled with constant up’s and down’s and doubts and affirmations… but as long as i can keep the bigger picture in mind, i don’t mind the ride too much… thanks again for your lovely message and have a great winter…

  2. >BZ permalink

    London Solos 3+4 = awakened by a prism of gestures complete. Core curriculum for figure-drawers, pin-stripers, architects, dancers, dice-throwers, traffic cops, conversationalists ! , ! , ! . . .

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